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is SOUL in transfer with Old Slavic. It is necessary to do everything with SOUL, says. Integrity is the essence, the sense, the purpose and the result of our activity, The ATMA Company was born for it.
We lean against a word familiar to everybody: HEALTH. Complete, full. Conditionally it consists of for aspects: physical, social, emotional and spiritual.
Our portal is also created according to these aspects, it consists of four sites:
1. Shop - PHYSICAL health
2. Affair - SOCIAL health
3. Club - Emotional health
4. Development - SPIRITUAL health
Everyone site has its own colour, every section begins with materials about corresponding aspect of health.
You may recollect how shaky, unsteady the movement on a border, on a low fence, on a rope is... All the time you risk to fall to one or another side. And only daily trainings allow holding steadily balance on a rope, which is tensed under a dome of circus. As well in a life: on the one hand - spirituality and self-return, in another - business and capital accumulation, and mastery of life is in balancing, harmony of both values. Look at a cap of our portal: here is the embodiment of this law of harmony! Red and golden site portals are devoted to business, the physical blessings, and green and dark blue site portals - to spiritual aspects of life, the logo is in the middle, personifying ability to balance.
To find the harmony and to be able to balance in it is the art of a life in which we study together with You!

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Club Community ATMA

The Company ATMA is a Community of people, which wants to live long and delightful, which wants to become wiser, more capable, more interesting every year and simply better. The Community ATMA is everything that is necessary for a beautiful and effective life. We create it for ourselves, for our favorites, friends and relatives. Let's do it together!

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