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The community ATMA is created for you!
In order to help you with formation of your business, we will connect you to the best Experts in various areas, we will give Employees, we will share own lifelength, we will help with advertising by tet-A-tet-technology, if it is necessary we will include your goods and services in our catalogues, e-shop, the Business Plan and we will provide charge brokerage to all our Colleagues promoting their advancement.
- BUSINESS gives to Colleagues:
Creative realisation in the course of work,
Stable the income without your direct participation (investor),
The big degree of freedom: without technologies of suggestion, without enslaving requirements, without a binding to a place and an operating time,
Stability: all achievements develop, business grows also you can transfer to its children.

Our target audience are people competent and advanced, appreciating an individual approach and able or aspiring to keep feeling of own internal harmony and advantage. We do not create illusions that everybody is ready to join our Community, so each Colleague becomes more valuable to us.

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The Company ATMA is a Community of people, which wants to live long and delightful, which wants to become wiser, more capable, more interesting every year and simply better. The Community ATMA is everything that is necessary for a beautiful and effective life. We create it for ourselves, for our favorites, friends and relatives. Let's do it together!

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