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 The ATMA Company is the organizational kernel of Community ATMA, which is ruled by Alexey Hohlatov, who is its ideological inspirer.

The ATMA Companys history begins since 2000 when to Alexey this name has condescended and the idea of the future project has started to appear. Alexey has left in mountains for its concrete definition and an embodiment to test on itself improving and meditation practices which were not possible to adhere in the conditions of a city life. The result was the accurate understanding of an essence of health and a healthy way of life which was expressed in 2002 in the formulation of seven aspects of the health. They are the prototype of the logo of the ATMA Company: SPIRITUALITY, OPTIMISM, CLARIFICATION, FOOD, CARE ABOUT BODY, MOVEMENT and HARMONY.    2004 During the period from 2003 to 2006 the laborious work of selection of high quality experts in each of the aspects was conducted. Its result is the professional collective, which is capable to help person to solve any problem with health in the widest sense. On October, 22nd, 2004 the solemn opening of the ATMA Company as independent organization, in the presence of more than 500 persons has taken place. The destiny has disposed so that in the end of 2005 the vice-president of the ATMA Company of that time could grasp its commodity stocks, documents and the equipment, therefore in August, 2006 the updated organization the ATMA Community - was born.


The Community development has begun not simply with zero, but from the losses formed as a result of this robbery.

In the hard Companys year the restoration of activity has been improved the Business Plan of Colleagues, the idea and the tactics of development of the Community.

At present the ATMA Community is a generality of the people united by the general idea and the Business Plan which organizational kernel is the ATMA Company. The Most popular lines of production among our Colleagues are Yogi Tea and Forest Power. The system of psychological Friendlies World Games is created, work with experts is still conducted, the tourist's bureau ATMA-TOUR develops. And seven aspects of health, which are mentioned above, are transformed to four directions on which we conduct work:

Shop PHYSICAL health (http://shop.atma.ru),
Affair SOCIAL health (http://ah.atma.ru),
Community EMOTIONAL health (http://www.atma.ru),
Development SPIRITUAL health (http://my.atma.ru).
The life embodiment of the most interesting projects, which concerns cultural and business lives of the Community, are still ahead. JOIN US!

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Club Community ATMA

The Company ATMA is a Community of people, which wants to live long and delightful, which wants to become wiser, more capable, more interesting every year and simply better. The Community ATMA is everything that is necessary for a beautiful and effective life. We create it for ourselves, for our favorites, friends and relatives. Let's do it together!

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