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Press-Release of the Company ATMA®

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ATMA company – is a deliver of Health products, especially Yogi Tea formulas, to Russia. ATMA Society is a sphere of physical, social, soul and spiritual health.

ATMA – is a company, that helps to create and grow the society of people that use the best goods, services and the best methods of providing health and also deliver all that. The idea of our society in summarize of opportunities of every Member in sphere of real health, that we understand as a harmony of physical, social, soul and spiritual aspects of our being. ATMA is as Society, that giving her Members of social growing inside it. The name of Company means SOUL in ancient Slavic.

Activities of the Company ATMA are considered one of practical manifestations of the “Conception of the Health Protection of Healthy People in the Russian Federation”, accepted by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, March, 21st, 2003 ( the order № 113).

Life without good health is poor and miserable, even for those, who rule over the whole world.
Shri Swami Shivananda

If you are remembered, leave nothing behind but goodness ( Yogi Bhajan)

Health is the state of complete physical, psychic and social well-being of an individual (the definition of the World Health Organization).

The Company ATMA is realizing the systematic approach to the creation of health and well-being of its Managers, based of the unity of spirit, soul and body.

Our Mission: suggesting everybody interested real possibilities of development and self-realization.

Our purpose : realizing scientific achievements in the field of health care and human development within the system of real practical health promotion, business and management achievements.

Our main task: helping an individual not only to become healthy and successful, but to constantly stay in such a condition.

Means to achieve such a purpose are following:

  • suggesting high quality products & services;
  • creating infrastructure for promotion of author’s methods, techniques and products;
  • scientific examination and systematization of methods, services and products;
  • providing qualified sales via professionals;
  • individual promotion of clients by Managers;
  • organization of useful and healthy leisure time for Managers.

Tête-à-tête-technology – is the transmission of the Company ATMA’s outlook approaches individually and directly from one person to another, helping to distribute their essence, not only external forms. This form of technology includes training, establishing purposes for achievement in the main fields of life, planning and material promotion of activities.

Our motto : “Health and Creation”!

Our products combine century-old experience of creating healing formulas, ecologically clean origin of ingredients and species, modern technologies of processing, production and packing; products are made according to healthy nutrition and vegetarian principles.

The health promotion activities of the Company ATMA are demonstrated by seven-petals symbolic flower: Harmony, Spirituality, Optimism, Body care, Nutrition Movement, Detoxication

- Spirituality: education, professionals support during spiritual growth, work with mission and purposes, manifestation of an individual in creative business, culture and scientific activities, self-realization.

- Optimism: trainings, seminars, support of professionals in self-motivation, activities of ATMA-club, energetic health products.

- Detoxication of soul and body: clearing up aims and complexes with the help of professionals, detoxication health formulas, training of detoxication programs.

- Healthy physical activity: special gymnastics training, special activity methods and techniques, organization of active leisure time, health tours.

- Rational nutrition: nutrition training, individual healthy rations, healthy functional nutritional products.

- Body care: diagnostics and correction of organs and systems, health and personal hygiene products, healing cosmetics, professional help during work with body in the leading beauty saloons and clinics.

- Harmony with one’s inner world and external world is possible to achieve with the help of professional psychological support, meditative techniques, enjoying the friendship circle of like-minded people – Managers and Honored Clients of the Company ATMA, where all aspects of health meet together!

“Russia will become a prosperous country, when the success of each person will depend not only on his level of well-being, but also on his honesty and culture”. V.V. Putin, 25.04.2005, Appeal to the Federal Assembly.

Alexey Khokhlatov, president; ATMA’s coordinates: +7495 788-3-777, www.atma.ru

Дата публикации: 27.06.2007
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